Step 1: Watch EdPuzzle Video  

Cool Features

*Create pre and post assessments in the target language of Spanish only

* Provides data to drive instruction and real time scaffolding opportunities


​*Can conduct specific searches to locate existing standard based content flash cards

*Pictures can be paired with words which is important for second language learners and words can be read aloud to student

Cool Features

*Create pre and post assessments in the target language of Spanish only

* Use existing videos from You Tube, Khan Academy and National Geographic


​*Add a voice over standard based content videos in Spanish

*Add questions throughout your activity/assessment
​in Spanish only

*Students can complete assignments at home

Step 4: Complete Zoom
​Training ​Session Feedback 

Step 3: Complete Technology Tools Webpage Feedback 

DLI Spanish Side: Technology Tools 

I have identified two Web 2.0 tools that are sure to give your DLI students standard based content practice in the target language of Spanish. Edpuzzle and Quizlet aim to please as two delightfully free and easy to use tools for student assessment.

Edpuzzle offers a unique way to capture and convey information from those all too familiar, and cherished, YouTube videos that many educators flock to daily in hopes of further engaging their students. The platform allows you to take your own existing video, one from their channel, or one from other popular channels such as YouTube, Khan Academy, and National Geographic and personalize it to meet your teaching needs and students learning goals. 

Quizlet is a multi-functioning assessment platform that can do it all!  Its interface makes it quick and easy to search for cards containing the information you wish for students to learn. Quizlet includes a flash card feature, a learn feature, a write feature, a spell feature, and a test feature

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Step 2: Watch Quizlet Video